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stock-photo-25982364-car-salesAt Destination Auto Finance, we accept and help with vehicle financing applications for all credit situations, including but not limited to:


Bad credit: If you credit history is less than perfect due to some non-payments in the past, we will work with you to secure financing for your new vehicle. We will also guide you on how to improve your credit score.


No credit history: If you never took any loans or credit, we can help you setup and establish a credit history with financing for your vehicle.


Low credit score: Even if you are paying your credit back, you may have a low credit score due to excessive use of your credit limit. Our team is ready to handle such applications and get you approved.


New immigrant: First, welcome to Canada. New immigrants usually do not have a credit history, or not long enough period on their file to secure car financing. However, our financial advisers have the tools to get a car loan for you.


Bankruptcy: Unable to pay off your credit in past due to bankruptcy can effect securing a loan in future. However, our advisers have the knowledge to help you get approved for your next car loan.


Divorce: Divorce has its financial implications, but we work with individuals to understand their situation and tailor the applications for quick approval.


Single parent: Managing kids by yourself can be financially draining. You can apply for car financing with Destination Auto Finance to take the burden of your wallet, and provide your family with important things in life.


Self employed: Starting or managing a business by yourself always offers financial surprises. Our team has the expertise to help you with securing a car loan when your business needs more dough.


Recent graduates: First, congratulations on graduating. Since graduates are just stepping into their career, inadequate employment history can prove to be a hurdle in getting that shiny new car they have been dreaming. We will assess your profile and get you competitive car financing, so you can be on your way to the top!


Other credit situations: Team at Destination Auto Finance is also well leveraged to secure auto financing in other credit situations such as Repossessions, Consumer proposals, Mismanaged debts, Foreclosure and Victim of fraud.


Please feel free to apply here today, and we will get in touch with you to get you approved for car financing.


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